Will writing out how you want the calendar to work magically make it work?

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No, but it will make you more aware of where the time is going to allow you to prioritize. It will allow you to make decisions eyes wide open about where you want your boundaries to be.


“Everything is going to be alright”

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It is the motto of life from high school to now. Every time I get frustrated, I memorized this sentence like a spell. Then I gained confidence that I could overcome any difficulties and leap forward. As a result, whenever I wanted to do something, I was able to act immediately without fear of failure, and I have achieved quite a few bucket lists so far.


I try to say yes to things that make me uncomfortable but will help me grow and be a better person and manifest what I want in life, and I try to say no to things that will hinder me and stress me out more than necessary

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I do have some specific goals I want to try for this year so I guess I’ll try to segment them off to where this blog will be more organized. Do I know how to do this? No. Do I really want to? Also no. I guess this is an appropriate situation for this blog… Just kidding, of course


The first group [of target statements] sounds like you have already given up on your goals before you even started — lacking any passion and without any real goal

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With the bottom group you have a goal, a drive, and a mission that is concrete and actionable. These are the best kinds of goals to make, but they are also the scariest kinds of goals to make. Don’t let that scare you away though. They might be scary but they give you the best results.


I realised as my life sits in this state of limbo, I’ve become increasingly demotivated and disappointed with everything

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I haven’t cracked it yet; I am trying, and I am still having glum days. However, sitting down and writing down things has seemed to help quite a bit. It has given my day to day a bit more purpose and organisation. The habit tracker sort of puts together small goals that I try to get through each day and really focus on.


I want to be more accountable for doing things – anything – that I know will make me happier

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I don’t know what exactly I want to do right away, but obviously I have about 8 specific things I want to accomplish in too little time. My dream self does both improv and stand up at the same time, writes a sketch everyday, writes 10 potential humor piece headlines and then one article every day, is working on a scripted podcast, web-series, and illustrated zine all at once, and is, of course, filled to the brim with healthy relationships. She doesn’t spend too much on social media, and yet she’s growing her brand with an occasional hot Instagram photo and 3 hilarious tweets a day. Don’t forget the job search! Everyday, she sends out an email/LinkedIn message to a different potential contact and also applies to a promising opportunity. If I were to accomplish all of this, I’d most likely be burned out. That’s why I’m also promising myself to keep up my healthy habits! Everyday, I will exercise (don’t worry – technically a part of my job! Already done!), meditate, write in a gratitude journal, connect with a loved one, eat healthy, and do 5 intentional random acts of kindness. Ah! And practice my violin, read, clean my room, and somehow managing to sleep 8 hours a night. Yoga!


Setting goals is a great thing and one must always do that, but no one should ever be disheartened if the plan doesn’t go the way they planned

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Undoubtedly my bachelors was pretty fun, learned a lot of stuff, and yes made myself a much mature and amazing person out of it. After my completion of bachelors, I didn’t go for UPSC, yet another shock for my family, and I did MBA.